In our product range there are funeraly vases and funerary lanterns which are completely adapted by its design, shape, colors to shades and conceptual designs of tombstones that are produced in our country and neighboring countries. We have to point that the vases and lanterns in all its forms and designs also represent and artistic quality. The basic offer of our models are made in two basic colors: dark gray and gold. But there isn’t a problem for production in other colors, eg. Silver, black, white, all with the aim of meeting the wishes of our clients.
The choice of colors and shades are carefully selected and closely related to the fact that our ten basic model almost perfectly can fit in all kinds of granite and marble from which are made tombstone monuments. Such as oval models that fit into the sepulchral monuments that have rounded edges, square models that fit with straight edges monuments, vases and lanterns which shape is adapted to relatively smaller tombstones, and those that are correspond to the cases for tombstones in which are stored the urn. In cooperation with our business partners we organize mounting accessories gravestones and headstones of all decorations.