Beside that , we represent a renowned Italian manufacturer.

PILLA S.r.l.

vaza i lampion
The company RUPES d.o.o. makes funeraly vases and lanterns from high quality aluminium for 15 years now. Since we are so long present in this market segment we have developed and demonstrated us as a domestic manufacturer of exceptional quality of its products. Our vases and lanterns have their own design which are mounted on tombstones in our biggest and most famous cemetery of western, central and eastern Croatia. We represent renowned Italian manufacturer PILLA Srl which produces superior tombstone products. Their vases, lanterns, crosses, statues, picture frames, letters, flower boxes and other grave ornaments are also a distinctive design and quality. For all our products, as well as for products for which we have a dealership we gave warranty for a period of five years, so that is the way we guarantee to our customers that our products are of high durability and stability. “
Rupes d.o.o.